How to reach Th4image Studio

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We are Here:

Via Panfilo Castaldi 20, 00153 Roma, Italia

Phone: +39 348 72 31 398

Phone: +39 335 84 30 104


wide 5.20 mt

length 5.80 mt with a modular panel system allows increasing its length up to 8.20mt.

High: 4 mt

There is the possibility to enter directly on stage with your old fiat 500 or your new Mercedes Smart car or your brand new motorbike !!!

It is heated and conditioned so as always to ensure the correct temperature.

please call us or send an email at to get the best quote


Monday to Friday

DAY: 120€ / 8 + VAT / HOUR                extra/hour 20€

HALF DAY: 72€ / 4 +  VAT / HOUR       extra/hour 20€

HOUR: 20€ + VAT  or fraction (min. 2 HOURS)

Saturday and Sunday please call us or send an email at

The basic rental starts from 09:00 to 19:00 Includes a Neutral Background and a Flash Kit with accessories.

The evening rental starts from 19:00 to 02:00 and is increased by 50%.

Saturday and Sunday (weekends) rental is increased by 30%

All rates are excluding VAT.

Our Studio is near Roma Trastevere station

and the Tram line n.8 and n.3, a bus line n.170 and a Taxi station.

For those who are coming with cars vans and the best motorcycle on heart just in front of our studio, there is a private car park. All the parking around the block is free of charge.

It’s a great location for those who want to stay close to the centre of Rome and it’s main transport interchanges.

Close proximity to transport interchanges and in easy reach of main roads, bus stations and airports in Rome. The main roads are perfectly integrated with Roma Trastevere railway station infrastructure. So you can travel to every destination.

The neighbourhood provide many kinds of services: hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.

Being a central hub of high speed trains, our Studio near Trastevere station in Rome will give you a chance to discover more great cities of Italy. It’s just an hour and a half train journey to Florence and Naples.

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